3 For 3 With Tangible Advertising

3 Minutes for 3 Questions with Tangible Advertising

We’d like to extend a big THANK YOU to Tangible Advertising, one of AMC’s Northrock Business Park tenants. We spoke with Gary Hilton of Tangible Advertising to learn a little more about the company. Thank you for allowing us to serve your Wichita office space needs since 2018!

tangible advertising
Gary Hilton of Tangible Advertising and Ross Way of AMC
  1. Why did you decide to move to AMC‘s Northrock location? Are there certain amenities that drew you to it? We moved to Northrock because they were willing to design office space to fit our needs and the location of the office was perfect for us.
  2. Can you tell us in a few sentences about Tangible Advertising? Do you serve clients nationwide? We provide promotional products and apparel for businesses and organizations looking to promote a brand, increase sales, promote safety/wellness in the workplace, build employee pride, or promote an event. Although we serve many local customers, the bulk of our business is supporting some national brands through our online store.
  3. Was Tangible Advertising started in Wichita? Were you previously in another Wichita location? Yes. We owned an office building downtown in the past, but decided to lease to give us more flexibility as business needs change.