Tenant Spotlight with Rusty Lane Insurance Agency

We have many longtime Northrock Business Park tenants here at AMC. While we have come to know each of them over the years, there’s always more to learn! We spoke with Rusty Lane of Farmer’s Insurance – Rusty Lane Agency for our tenant spotlight. Thank you for allowing AMC to serve your Wichita office space needs for all 15 years you’ve been in business, Rusty!

rusty lane insurance agency
Rusty Lane of Farmer’s Insurance – Rusty Lane and Ross Way of AMC

How long have you been located at Northrock and what are some of your favorite amenities? I have been in business for 15 years and all 15 have been spent here at Northrock. Ross and his team have taken very good care of me over the years and have always met my expectations.  The reason I continue to stay is because Anderson Management treats people the right way and they are always striving to make the business park a very accommodating and safe environment.

The thing I like the most is knowing that if I ever need something, they are just a phone call away and will do their very best to take care of things.  They are very similar in how I run my agency because I try to treat people the way I would want to be treated.

How do you feel the Rusty Lane agency sets itself apart from other agencies? My agency hangs its hat on exceptional customer service and providing the best customer experience for them. My business is a relationship business and we take pride in getting to know our clients and see them grow through the years. In our industry, we sometimes get viewed as the “used car salesman” and that is why I pride myself on building relationships and not just making purchasing insurance a transaction.

How has your agency adapted through the changes and uncertainties of COVID-19? I have stayed open throughout, but my staff has been working from home to limit exposure. We don’t have near the walk-in traffic we use to have when I first started because our industry has evolved with technology. So my day to day has pretty much stayed the same and I feel very blessed.  The company that I represent, Farmers Insurance, has given back 25% of every customers’ auto insurance premium for the month of April and then they gave back 15% for the month of May. Plus they gave back 20% of the premium to our business insurance clients for the months of April and May. Hopefully, going forward, we will continue to all get back to some type of normal and work on recovering the economy.

We appreciate Rusty for taking the time to talk to us more about his business. If you’re looking for conveniently located, well-maintained East Wichita office space of your own, please check out our available spaces at Northrock Business Park!